By definition, it lives


By definition, it lives

Make the best of it
Dream of the possibilities
Search for your meaning

Your actions speak louder than your words
Embrace every opportunit
Every step brings you closer to success

Ridiculous to live in the future
Impossible to live in the past
Difficult to live in the present

Tomorrow is a mystery
Yesterday isn’t worth regretting
Nothing is as far away as one minute ago

Life is constantly moving
Whether it leaves you behind
Or guides you on an unforgettable journey

Laugh until it hurts
Love until heartbreak
Live until death

Life is short
Don’t take it for granted
Live it and live it to the fullest

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met dank aan Freek

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O ! Mooie blog ook Ank, daar ga ik een keer ruim de tijd voor nemen.
Zet hem nu in mijn lijst! Daaag!

Gepost door: walter | 21-08-10

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